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My first session with Jasen was awesome. He knows what he's doing and is very easy to work with. As a dancer I need not only relaxation but also mobility and flexibility. I left my session feeling energized, relaxed and loose. One of the best.

Joesph, Oak Forest IL.

My first massage with Jasen, even with little guidance from me, was one of the most thorough and enjoyable massages I've had. As an athlete, it left me feeling more flexible and prepared for my next workout than I ever do. He utilizes multiple techniques to offer a very effective and pleasurable massage. The massage room is clean and peaceful, and Jasen is attentive and respectful. Highly recommend.

Nick, Chicago IL.

It's been two days since my first appointment with Jasen Faust, and I will certainly return. He already knew what areas of my body he'd be working on, as I'm pretty tall. I walked in with tension, and walked out calm and collected. I'd recommend him highly

Ish, Chicago IL.

Jasen is a great masseur. He knows exactly how to work with your body and get your muscles to relax. He did a combination of swedish and deep tissue in some areas with different stretching techniques at the end. All of that combined was exactly what I needed as I have consistent lower back pains. He is very professional and provides a lot of detail before and after the session so you know exactly what you're getting and how your body reacts. I highly recommend Jasen.

Victor, Chicago IL.

Jasen advertises a wide range of massage techniques and he delivers in a big way, combining all techniques in a fluid and very effective manner. I was particularly delighted with the Thai stretching and deep tissue elements. As an athlete, I put my body through the ringer and Jasen did an excellent job of zeroing in on problem areas while still maintaining a whole body focus. The ambiance in his place was exactly what I would want and expect from an intelligent and considerate masseur! Jasen's manner was both personable and professional. This was just an exemplary experience all the way around!

Chad, Chicago IL.

Absolutely one of the best massage experiences of my life! From the very beginning, I felt comfortable and relaxed. He is well versed in the body and adjusted his techniques for exactly what I was looking for and needing.

JFY, Chicago IL.

I am a dancer my body takes quite the beating. The massage really helped get all of the kinks out of my overworked muscles. I felt really comfortable the whole time and there was a great ambiance in the apartment. There was open communication and I felt comfortable to express how the pressure was, but it was perfect for the most part.

Luis, Chicago IL.

Jasen is hands downs one of the best masseur's I've ever had the pleasure of working with. As soon as you enter his apartment you are engulfed in the warmth of his massage studio. The music is playing lightly, and as you would expect, the light tapping of a drum or the sound of a stream flowing over bedrock fills the space. Whatever your comfort level is, he is eagerly willing to accommodate. If too warm, he will cool it off, if too cold (which is unlikely) he will warm it up. The table is comfortable, the room looks, feels and smells clean. I am one who takes in all my surrounding and this plays into my level of relaxation. Jasen leaves no stone uncovered (or on your back for too long). I had never experienced a hot stone massage before, but he explained the feeling, the purpose, the benefit, and put me at ease immediately. Although it is shockingly warm with the first stone, your body quickly acclimates to the heat and the remaining stones are laid without consequence. Jasen truly becomes one with the client. I work out hard! Every day! He knew exactly where to place pressure, deeper pressure, and pressure that I've never before experienced. Nothing was ever painful and that is often a reservation with the new masseur-client experience. Have no fear. Jasen will ensure you obtain the right level of depth in your relief while constantly gauging your reflexes for signs of even the slightest discomfort. If you are worried about a masseur who talks too much or too little, leave that at the door. If you just want to get the small talk out of the way as far as the do's and dont's then relax during your massage, that is fine. If you are a talker, that is fine too. I personally don't like to move my mouth and think when I am trying to relax, so for me, Jasen was perfect and never forced unnecessary conversation. He left ever part of my body feeling relaxed and at ease. I have had thai massages in Thailand and in the middle east and none of them compared to Jasen's technique. I received a discount for my massage, but he is worth every penny he charges...absolutely! I will see him again. Strangest thing, when he was working my shoulders and had his elbow the deepest any elbow has ever gotten, I literally began falling asleep. To feel the amount of pressure I was experiencing in my shoulder and to still be able to fall asleep, shocked me...not to the point of waking, but to the point of relaxing even deeper. Best massage ever! EVER! And I have had very, very many.

Jamar, Chicago IL.

I would highly recommend Jasen to those looking for a professional, knowledge, and conscientious masseur. From the beginning of the session to the end Jasen has a professional focus on his clients needs and comfort. From room temperature to the amount of pressure used during the massage he is constantly tailoring the session to his clients preferences. I went to Jasen looking for relief from lower back pain after a few short sessions my back is now pain free. Jasen not only went through a variety of stretches in my sessions but he also provided me with a variety of stretches that I could do in between sessions to speed up my recover. If you are looking for a great masseur who cares about his clients this is the guy to book!!

Paul, Chicago IL>

Jasen gives an amazing massage. He is unique while still catering to your individual needs, he doesn't rush and explains the importance of all of his techniques. I highly recommend him to anyone.

Mike C., Oak Park, IL.

Perhaps the most unique massage I have experienced. Jason's modalities are nothing short of fantastic. Jason's attention to detail is impressive. I am a runner and Jason knew all the appropriate trigger points from head to toe. Furthermore, the rapport Jason builds is genuine and sincere. He really seems to connect with his clientele. Thank you so much!

Drew, Union NJ.

I've been seeing Jasen for a little over two years now. My experience with him has been nothing but superlative from start to finish. As a runner, Jasen offers some useful advice on working out with muscular stress or injuries. Since he offers a range of different modes of massage, he explains each to you carefully beforehand. He asks what kind of pressure you prefer and whether you would like him to focus on or avoid particular areas. He uses athletic stretching techniques during the massage which feel great! The sessions are never rushed and will do his best to accommodate to your schedule. His studio is immaculate, clean, and a very relaxing setting. If you are looking for a top notch professional massage, Jasen is the guy to go to. Book now and experience for yourself.

Gerard T.

Jason took very good care of my body. I tumbled in gymnastics and cheerleading for years, so it takes a good professional to make my back feel at ease! After the massage I felt very stress-free and my every-day comfort level from my back has begun to strengthen since I have been to him a few times. I would recommend him to anyone who just wants to relax with a personal massage and not feel like just another "Massage-Envy" structured massage.


Jasen works with you to determine your needs. By applying various techniques including stretches for your muscles, you leave feeling relaxed, realined and rejuvenated. He will always do his best to fit you into his schedule and make you feel comfortable. He's simply the best


Jasen's work obviously comes from a passion for helping and caring for people through massage therapy and a dedication to performing at a level that exudes an excellent education along with a well rounded character that is hard to find in the competitive business world. It is clear from the start that Jasen sees his patients as people rather than simply clients. My first massage was with Jasen, and he took complete care in making sure I understand the entire process. He creates a comfortable atmosphere that evokes a peaceful environment and a well maintained professional workspace. As classical musician and student I often gain tension in my shoulders, neck and wrists which could very well damage my career goals. Jasen was careful with my hands and arms and through massage created a lack of tension or pain in my hands and wrists that I have not felt in years! When talking to friends about professional massages Jasen is the first name that comes to mind.

Jacob C.

i would highly recommend booking a massage with Jasen. I was referred by a friend and having only been to established spas for massage in the past i was a bit apprehensive about going to someone's personal space for a massage. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the comfortable ambiance of his massage studio, his attention to detail, careful assessment of my needs as the client and his willingness to talk about the various techniques he was using and pressure points he would be triggering. I got an amazing combination of deep tissue and hot stone treatment on the first session, plus stretching and total deep relaxation. The atmosphere is comfortable, cozy and inviting. I was relaxed in no time at all. Jasen is qualified, respectful and understanding of the human body. A definite recommendation to anybody that needs to forget about the stress of daily life for at least one hour.

Richard H.

I've never had a real therapeutic massage before, so I was a bit nervous. First time meeting Jasen my nerves went away within minutes. He was kind and comforting and very professional. When Jasen works on oyur body he is very aware of your needs and how much pressure is needed for you. He is very good at communicating and checking in to see if the pressure is fine or if you needed another spot to be worked on. The atmosphere is very relaxing and peaceful. Jasen plays very calming music in the background and lights some candles to relax all of our senses. Since I have a busy schedule Jasen is always willing to figure something out that can work for both of us. Overall, Jasen is very professional, talented and an artist! He is the best masseur out there!


Jasen is an amazing masseur and I can honestly say that he is the best I have ever come across in my 4 or so years of receiving massages. I have been to several other massage therapists, many of which are located here in Chicago, and I none of them have come even close to the level of Jasen's service. From the onset of the massage, Jasen made me feel extremely comfortable. I booked my appointment a day or so in advance, and Jasen had an opening; he was very accommodating and was able to squeeze me into his schedule on very short notice. The ambience in Jasen's private massage room of his apartment blows any spa-esque establishment right out of the water. The room smelled wonderful, and was filled with multiple burning candles that set a perfect mood for ultimate relaxation. I immediately felt comfortable in Jasen's presence is the kind of feeling you have about someone as if you had known a person for years. The message itself was truly amazing, and I have been back four times since my initial visit. Jasen puts the time and energy into his sessions with his client that goes unmatched. He is charismatic, good looking, and overall amazing with his hands. Jasen is also a certified masseur, and has infinite knowledge with regard to the human body. He massaged me using techniques and methods I had never before seen or experienced, and applied just the right amount of pressure. Jasen is extremely selfless, as several of my massages have gone well over the hour allotted for the appointment. He takes his time, and works every inch of your body �leaving you in a state of ultimate bliss. Kiss your old masseuse goodbye, one appointment with Jasen and you will without question be back for more.


I have been going to Jasen for a long time. He is always professional and very thorough with his massage. I normally prebook my massage in advance, but there have been times where I was able to call and get in at moments notice. Jasen has a great demeanor and he always makes me feel comfortable. I have been getting massage for over 15 years and Jasen's massage techniques are the best I have ever experienced. He is great at identifying my problem areas and he works through them for me. Overall he is best at this practice.


I have been an advocate of massage therapy for many years since my training in dance to my continued workout routines. I found Jasen to be very aware of his craft, my comfort levels throughout the session, and being aware of just the right amount of pressure my body needed in various areas. The stretches he included were the first time I experienced such flowing movement with a massage therapist, and definitely increased my own body awareness. His massage room was extrememly comfortable, clean, and completely relaxing with a wonderful aroma of lavender/eucalyptus, when I remarked on the scents Jasen stated he combines the 2 in an aromatherapy tea light... this is a nice feature as I do not like scented lotion directly on my skin when massaged.


I went to Jasen after my previous massage therapist had moved out of town. I had two massage therapist previous to going to Jasen, both were female and both were very good at what they did, but Jasen's techniques were like none other that I had ever experienced. He made me feel so relaxed and comfortable during the massage that I actually went to sleep. started going to massage therapist because I was having back problems. The is was due to my being a fitness trainer and mostly due to overuse. Jasen's massages always helped me when I needed it most. He was very professional and very thorough in his work. He really understands the body and how it reacts to massage...I have recommended him to everyone I know.

Paul T.

I am a professional body worker with a chronic illness and have been receiving body work from Jasen Fast since the summer of 2001. Jasen is most professional, compassionate and accomodating with his personal schedule. He is one of the few body workers who keeps a chart on his clients. For me, this helps me to chart my progress or pitfalls - to remind me what worked in the past and what I should be doing to help keep me pain free and moving. I recommend him without reservation.

Tom K.

Jasen's massage is wonderful in so many ways. His touch is warm and nurturing and he really seems to be a natural at soothing tense muscles. I love his warm, cozy massage space and the extra touch of candlelight makes the experience all the more blissful. I go to Jasen as an escape from the stress of the everyday world and when I am experiencing any sort of tightness from working out at the gym. I highly recommend Jasen's deep, therapeutic touch to anyone!

Marty F.

From the various massages I have received in the past, none compared to Jasen and the techniques he used. They either seemed not theraputic enough or made me more tense in the process. Jasen's was very conscientious of my needs throughout the enter session and I was impressed with his skill, as well as his relaxing environment.

Joe T.

I have had three appointments with Jasen already, and have been very pleased with the experience. Jasen is very knowledgeable in his field, and has attained several certifications. This is apparent in his massage. Jasen uses a deep tissue technique which is incredible, and leaves my neck, back, shoulders, and legs, especially feeling great. Jasen explains the various techniques the first time, and is very sensitive to how you as the client are feeling, and your level of comfort. Jasen's studio is very conducive to a relaxing experience, with candles and soft music. I am a professional man in a stressful occupation who gets regular massages. I highly recommend Jasen if you want an exceptional massage by an expert in his field. It will leave you relaxed and rejuvenated. You will not be disappointed. I look forward to my next appointment with Jasen.

Brian C.

I have been to numerous massage therapists and no other has impressed me more than Jasen Fast. He is an excellent massage therapist. Jasen is extremely professional, using his skills to give you both a theraputic and relaxing experience. He uses his vast knowledge of different massage techniques to pinpoint your tightness/discomfort and helps work out those issues, all the while keeping you focused and relaxed. Jasen is dedicated to making you feel very comfortable. After every massage, I immediately notice a difference in my posture and back. His personal dedication to you as an individual client truly helps improve upon your quality of life. You are getting focused and concise attention from Jasen at all times.

Rene K. Chicago IL.

Jasen gives an incredibly relaxing and beneficial massage, simple as that. But what he does beyond that is what really counts. He provides incredible stretches that activate and engage your body and muscles allowing you to walk away feeling energized and connected. He communicates with you about what you can do at home to continue feeling tension free and energized. His communication in general is quite good. He has the energy of someone who is extremely connected in their own body and through his touch you arrive at a different place by the time he finishes the massage. I certainly noticed a difference and attribute that to the fact that Jasen truly cares about his work.

Jack B.